All about me, your teacher.

My name is Cindy Lawrence.  I graduated from UNC-Charlotte with a degree in Elementary Education. 

I love to go to the movies and dinner with my friends and loved ones. My favorite girly movie is The Holiday and my favorite all-around is Armageddon. But I will pretty much watch anything!

I love to travel. I have been on four of the seven continents. I lived in Thailand for a good period of time with my family. (We also spent a year in the Philippines.)I have been on short-term mission trips to Guatemala. And a long-term mission trip to South Africa. On my way there, I was stuck in Paris for 24 hours. I know, what a shame!

My favorite restaurant is Cheddars, where I always order the same thing. My favorite food would have to be Mom’s donut muffins. Yum! I hate any variety of bell pepper, unless on pizza. I prefer to drink water, but I enjoy Diet Dr. Pepper and Orange Fanta.

I love my job!

I love hanging out with people who make me laugh until I cry!

I love to get flowers, especially daisies! They are by far my most favorite.

I prefer to go without shoes. But if I must, they are flip flops, even in the winter!